Muslim girls sings Christmas carols in touching video from Beirut


Footage of a Muslim girls’ choir singing Christmas carols at a church concert has emerged from the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

The video features 40 girls from the Imam Sadr Foundation choir singing Silent Night at St Elie Geek Catholic Church. The church is situated in a Muslim-majority neighborhood.

The  performance was part of Beirut Chants Festival which organised 23 free concerts for the advent from December 1, 2016. The girls also performed alongside noted Lebanese musician Abeer Nehme.

The video, uploaded on Imam Sadr Foundation’s Facebook page, has been praised for promoting communal harmony and its music.

“Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment,” one person wrote. “Lebanon at its best,” another commented.

Lebanon is a religiously diverse nation. Its 1926 Constitution ensures parity between Muslims and Christians in government.