Six killed, 30 injured in different fog-related incidents in Punjab


At least six people were killed and 30 sustained injuries in different fog-related incidents in Punjab. Many vehicles collided with each other due to dense fog and resulted in severe accidents.

According to details, a bus heading from Sialkot to Sangla Hill overturned on the way from Sukheki Road which resulted in six deaths and injured several people.

Two passenger buses bumped into each other on National Highway in Mian Chunnu and injured 13 people. A truck-trolley clash in Shujabad caused severe injuries to four people.

A police van fell into the canal near Dajkot in Faisalabad as a result of which four police officials including a sub-inspector got injured.

Zero visibility was recorded in Punjab due to dense fog on Sunday morning. The Motorway Road had been closed between Lahore to Sheikhupura, Pindi Bhattian to Faisalabad and Gojra routes.

Meanwhile, the flight schedule at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore was severely affected by foggy climate. Many of the flights were delayed and rescheduled.