Strict decisions are to be taken for the elimination of Hep B and C: minister



Punjab Minister for Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Salman Rafique said that the strict and aggressive decisions should be taken to combat diseases like Hepatitis B and C.

He stated this while presiding over a meeting to discuss the proposed draft law in the office of Secretary Primary and Secondary Healthcare, in Lahore on Saturday.

P and SH Secretary Ali Jan Khan, Punjab DG Health Dr Mukhtar Husain Syed, Consultant Law Department Dr Mohsin Abbas, Punjab Director Hepatitis Control Program Dr Zahida Serwar, representatives of PKLI, Punjab Healthcare Commission, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Barbers Association and the officers of the P and SH also attended the meeting. Dr Mohsin Abbas briefed the participants regarding the draft law.

The stakeholders expressed their viewpoint on the proposed Bill.

The draft law has encircled all the important aspects and points including introduction of auto distractive syringes , hospital waste management, dialysis, surgeries , organs transplantation, elimination of quackery  safe blood transfusion, training and capacity building of barbers, use of sterilized instruments, awareness, health education and vaccination of exposed and vulnerable segments of the society. P and S Health Secretary Ali Jan Khan said that all these areas and aspects should be incorporated in the law.

The minister said that quackery is the major cause of spreading infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, C and HIV-AIDS and a severe crackdown is needed to vanish quackery from the streets and roads for which strengthening of Punjab Healthcare Commission is also very important.

He said that there is a need for behavioural changes for which health education and awareness among the masses is the need of the hour. The minister said a comprehensive plan for awareness campaign through print, electronic and social media should also be planned.  Rafique directed that a copy of the draft law should be provided to all the stakeholders and they should prepare their recommendations and proposals after going through the draft after a week.