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MCI holds its 8th session, discusses water and sanitation issues

The eighth session of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) was held at Pak-China Friendship Centre on Friday. The session was presided over by the Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Anser Aziz and attended by MCI Deputy Mayors Rifat Javed, Syed Zeshaan Naqvi and Azam Khan, MCI Chief Officer Asad Mehboob Kiyani and all the members of MCI.

Ten point agenda including water issue, sanitation services and kiosks was presented during the meeting. The meeting discussed the sanitation services, kiosks and water issue at length; however, discussion on remaining agenda items was postponed up to next session of the MCI.

On this occasion, the mayor said that due to collective efforts of all members of MCI, consolidated steps have been taken to address water shortage issue in the city. He further added that due to less rainfall, underground water level has been decreased but water in Simly and Khanpur reservoirs has also been affected, but these issues would be also resolved with the collaboration of the residents.

He said, after holding the office of mayor, water was among one of my top priorities and it is result of our efforts that the committee constituted under deputy Mayor Azam Khan has successfully repaired all the tube wells, motors and dilapidated water supply lines in the city, which has provided significant relief to the residents.

The house also approved that notices would be served and fine amounting to Rs 5000 would be imposed on wasting water.

While informing the house about the steps taken to upgrade sanitation system in the city, the mayor said that Solid waste Management system would be evolved in the city; however, up to then services of contractors have been hired to carryout sanitation services in the rural areas of the city. In this context, he added, formalities are being finalised and after the period of two months, cleanliness in the rural areas would be carried out on daily basis.

While briefing the session about the 485 approved kiosks in the city, Anser Aziz said that MCI would provide a specific design for these kiosks and would not allow any encroachment except the space allotted.

He further said that elected chairman should monitor sanitation, kiosks and parks in his respective union council as these powers have been delegated to the chairmen of union councils. He said that now it is our responsibility to ensure the provision of basic civic amenities to the residents of the city.

During the session, suggestions for developing more water reservoirs in the city was also discussed

While talking to media, Sheikh Anser Aziz said that said that during one year of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad, hurdles have been removed and now right direction has been set up and a road map in this regard has also been devised.

He further said that while following the road map all longstanding issues of the residents would be resolved.

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