Bilal Yasin directs food packaging companies to follow SOPs


Provincial Minister for Food, Bilal Yasin directed food packaging companies to follow SOPs and, said that the department will start the registration and regulatory mechanism of companies manufacturing food packing materials.

The minister expressed these views while talking to a meeting during his visit to a private manufacturing company of food graded packaging products.

Punjab Food Authority Director Lubna Rasheed and Deputy Director Saqib Naseem were also accompanying the minister.

Yasin said that the use of non-graded packaging material is hazardous for human health and life, and those using it will be strictly punished.

He insisted that local markets and manufacturers should use food graded packaging material only and, the food department will not tolerate usage of “blue drum” for milk and dairy products across the province

He said that the private and public sector can produce positive results jointly and international model could only be followed with their collaboration and government should devise a regulatory mechanism for them.