Baldia factory fire: Incident is clear case of arson, says forensic experts


Forensic expert and Punjab Forensic Science Agency Director General, Dr Mohammad Ashraf Tahir Thursday (today) has said in a press conference that the government has been informed that the Baldia factory fire was a clear case of arson and not an accidental fire.

Explaining the difference, Dr Tahir said, “In arson, an accelerant like kerosene oil or petrol [is used to start a fire]. [Finding traces of an accelerant] proves that the fire was started on purpose and was not an accident.”

“We have identified this [incident] as arson for the government. That was our only job, the rest is up to the courts.”

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Around 250 factory workers were killed in the 2012 blaze that destroyed a garment factory in Karachi’s Baldia Town.

Much of the factory’s garment output went to German company KIK, who have paid out nearly $2 million dollars in compensation to the victims’ families.

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