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Parliament House infested with rodents!

There is an operation underway at the Parliament House in Islamabad to get rid of rodent infestation for the last seven months and the teams have managed to catch 430 rodents, one of whom was caught in the prime minister’s chambers.

The operation began in June of this year when the Capital Development Authority (CDA) responsible for the maintenance of the parliament house awarded the contract to a private firm. Sources claim the private firm is being paid Rs 650,000 annually to rid the parliament house of rodents.

Records of the progress are being diligently maintained.  Details of each trap, plate or bait being placed across the parliament house is noted on a form, which is then updated with the results regarding success or failure of the trap laid out.

In the first month of the operation the teams sweeping the parliament house caught 236 rats, and in the month of July they managed to catch 42, with the number steadily declining with 34 in August, 34 in September, 32 in October, 28 in November and till date in December 24 rats have been caught.

Sources claim the main reason for the rodent problem emanates from the presence of two cafeterias in the parliament house and the individual kitchens attached to the multiple committee meeting rooms and the kitchens attached to the chambers of the speaker, senate chairman, deputy chairman senate and other senior officials.

According to sources, the kitchens were being utilised for preparation of luncheons and dinners on site, however, more recently the events were being catered by third party event managers who would bring pre-prepared food items on site.

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