It’s our right to remove or reinstate anyone, says Murad Ali Shah


Sindh Chief MinisterMurad Ali Shah Tuesday broke silence over sending Sindh IG Police A.D. Khawaja on forced leave.

He said that it is the right of the provincial government to make relevant postings and transfers, keeping in mind the betterment of the province.

“We will do as we want and make appointments accordingly,” he said while talking to journalists.

“We haven’t sent IG Sindh on forced leave, and it can also be independently verified. He [IG Sindh] has gone on a 15-day leave and will assume his responsibilities after that,” he clarifies.

Without clearly admitting to have sacked the IG Sindh, he said that any officer holding grade 21 or 22 can only be transferred or posted with the assent or dissent of the Prime Minister.

His remarks came after the provincial government was widely criticized for trying to politically influence the Sindh Police.

To a question whether he is still as empowered as before given the removal of IG Sindh, he said that we make decisions after having consultations with everyone; however, he takes the final decision.

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  1. To remove some one just because Ali Baba and forty thieves would like to create a "Corruption Raj" by employing illegitimate force to for your are your master benefit does give ant right. You too have to follow the rule of Law to employ honest, dedicated people through proper channels.

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