Indian celebrities appreciate lifting of Bollywood ban in Pakistan


Pakistani cinema owners recently announced to lift the self-imposed ban on Indian films, months after it was imposed in the aftermath of worsening Indo-Pak ties.

The announcement received an overwhelming response from Bollywood bigwigs including Anil Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Kajol, Indian Express reported.

Speaking at the Sansui Colors Stardust awards last night, the celebrities welcomed Pakistan’s decision to end the ban on Indian films.

The Bollywood diva Priyanka said that art should prevail across the world.

“Art should go across the world. I have always believed that. So, I am glad about it.” she said.

Anil expressed his excitement about the news saying, “I am very happy about it, it is great news.”

Kajol, who earlier backed his husband Ajay Devgn’s decision of not working with Pakistani artistes, also praised the move.

“Anything where the film industry gets a brick, where the film industry gets a positive sign etc, I am all for the film industry,” she said.

The cinema owners in Pakistan had previously decided not to screen any Indian movies until tensions between two countries ease out. The decision came after the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) banned all Pakistani artists from working in film projects in India.