PIA engineers use cutting-edge 4000-year-old technology for flight safety


The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) have started using modern technology to ensure flight safety for its aircraft.

“This is absolutely new technology, in development for only 4000 years,” said Sagheer Hassan, PIA spokesperson. “We have successfully adopted it here in our airline because we are in lockstep with the demands of the current era.”

The technology of animal sacrifice was invented in the booming tech incubators of Phaistos in ancient Crete only in 2000 BC. But the proactive and modern management of the national airlines have almost immediately developed it into a practical application.

“The animal sacrifice of this black goat, for instance, makes the flight so safe, that we are even thinking of selling off the gyroscopes in our aircrafts to other airlines that are still using such outdated technologies,” he said.

“Let me say one thing with absolute certainty that none of you all present here will be able to deny,” he concluded. “No other airline in the world will be able to use the technologies we use.”



  1. Please check your sources before posting any article. Former president Asif Ali Zardari used to sacrifice black sheep, goat or whatever before traveling on the flight. Pathetic article!

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