Julia Roberts set to star in TV show


Hollywood actress Julia Roberts is the latest star planning to head to the small screen, reports said Thursday.

Roberts will play the lead in a series based on the recently released novel “Today Will Be Different” by the US author Maria Semple, according to entertainment news site The Hollywood Reporter.

The book centres on the artist Eleanor Flood who wakes up one morning only to embark on a day filled with unexpected twists.

Semple will write the television adaptation of her novel and is also slated to serve as one of the show’s executive producers.

“I’m giddy that Eleanor Flood will be brought to life by Julia Roberts,” Semple told The Hollywood Reporter.

“This will be a fun ride!”

The 49-year-old Roberts — who recently starred in the Jodie Foster-directed thriller “Money Monster” alongside George Clooney — last worked in television while co-starring in the 2014 HBO movie “The Normal Heart.”

She also had previous guest appearances on shows including “Murphy Brown” and “Law and Order.”

Roberts became an international star in 1990 for her lead role in the movie “Pretty Woman.”

She is only the latest in a string of Hollywood stars to make the jump to television.

Meryl Streep, for example, is reportedly looking to produce and act in a TV adaptation of the novel “The Nix,” and Julianne Moore and Robert de Niro are to star in an Amazon series.



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