Lahore witnesses protest in solidarity with Aleppo, Syria


A protest in solidarity with Aleppo, Syria, was held in front of Lahore Press Club today (Thursday). Hundreds of students from different institutions of Pakistan held a peaceful protest in solidarity with victims of Aleppo, who have witnessed unspeakable horrors during the course of intense air strikes.

Students were carrying a giant banner that demanded the United Nations (UN) halt the airstrikes carried out by the government of Bashar al-Assad and his strong ally Russia, which is also backed by Iran and Iran-backed militias from all over the world.

While talking to Pakistan Today, Abdurrehman Assudais, 19, a student from Government College University, Lahore, said: “Almost 300-400 students from different institutes of Lahore participated in this peaceful protest. People were genuinely supportive of our event, despite the fact that a road was blocked and traffic had been diverted.”

Protests in solidarity with Aleppo have been happening all over the world, including cities like Istanbul, Gaziantep, Malmo, Amman, Kuwait City, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, Berlin and many others.

It is pertinent to mention here that the conflict in Syria has been waging on for six years after peaceful protests in Syria turned violent. Syrian rebels fighting the Assad regime lost east Aleppo to Syrian government forces and civilians are now moved to the countryside of Aleppo after negotiation between Russia, Turkey and the rebels.


  1. NAWAZ regime probably paid for this to please their saudi masters.SAUDI ARABIA supports ISIS and the terrorist so called Syrian opposition who wants to impose wahabism on secular Syrian society.

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