PK-661 crash: PIMS receives DNA reports, 34 victims identified


The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has started receiving DNA reports of the victims who lost their lives in Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) PK-661 plane crash on December 7.

After receiving the DNA reports, 34 of the bodies have been identified.

PIMS Vice Chancellor Dr Javed Akram told media that 13 bodies are yet to be identified as some of the DNA reports were still under process.

“Because only some of the bodies from Chitral have been identified, it was decided they will be sent to Chitral on a C-130 when the remaining bodies are also identified after the rest of the reports come back on Friday,” he said.

-34 bodies identified, 13 will be identified on Friday-

Relatives of the victims of the crash have been waiting for the bodies of their loved ones for a week and 12 of the bodies were handed over to the families on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, some of the remaining families were called and asked to collect their loved ones’ dead bodies. Relatives reached the hospital by 2pm and the process of handing over the bodies was started, which became a problem for those belonging to Chitral, as some of the bodies have not yet been identified.

Relatives had the option of either taking the bodies home by road or to wait two days so that all of them could be sent back together. It was then decided that they will all be transported together on Friday.

According to Dr Akram, Junaid Jamshed’s body was handed over to the family from the cold storage in Rawat to be taken to Karachi.

He said Junaid Jamshed had been identified through his dental records, which was later confirmed by DNA reports after which it was sent to Karachi on a C-130. Funeral prayers were also offered at PIMS.

“There are eight bodies in Polyclinic and the remaining are in PIMS. We expect that the operation will be completed by Friday,” he said.

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