Doctors community rejected the strike call of handful elements



The Punjab Minister for Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education, Salman Rafique has appreciated the doctors; community, vice-chancellors, and principals of medical universities and colleges and medical superintendents of teaching hospitals

He expressed his gratitude while addressing a meeting of vice chancellors of medical universities, principals of medical colleges and medical superintendents of teaching hospitals and specialized institutions at Civil Secretariat on Tuesday.

He said that the doctors’ community has upheld the dignity honor of the medical profession by rejecting the strike call of handful elements.

The principals of medical colleges of the other cities participated in the meeting through video link. Secretary Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Najam Ahmed Shah also attended the meeting.

Salman Rafique thanked the doctors’ community, principals and the medical superintendents of teaching hospitals for making arrangements to ensure smooth functioning of OPDs and provision of medical treatment to the patients. He said that it is praiseworthy that the young doctors, teaching faculty and consultants performed their duties in outdoors without taking care of the threatening and unlawful attitude of few miscreants.

While addressing the meeting, the Secretary Najam Ahmed Shah revealed that the vice-chancellors and principals of the medical universities and colleges are fully empowered and have a free hand from the department to run their institutions in a befitting manner. He said that the government and the department would provide full support to the administration of the medical institutions and hospitals for maintaining law and order in their institutions and smooth functioning of the hospitals for ensuring best treatment facilities to the patients.

He said any disciplinary action taken under the law by the administration or disciplinary committees against the miscreants, the department would fully endorse it. Najam Ahmed Shah made it clear that no hindrance would be tolerated into the provision of medical facilities to the patients.