Police launch probe against gang reselling graves in Karachi




Police on Saturday started an investigation into a gang involved in reselling graves at the Yaseenabad graveyard.

The investigation began after a man filed a complaint at the Azizabad Police Station saying he visited his mother’s grave after two years but found someone else buried over there.

The gang sold graves for Rs 20,000 to grieving families looking for a place to bury their dead ones, the police said.

A man alleged to be a gravedigger was arrested by police with connection with the case, but was later released on bail. Identifying himself as Fayaz, the alleged gravedigger, said he was a labourer and would occasionally work at the graveyard.

The Yaseenabad graveyard is filled to its full capacity and authorities pasted a board saying that they would not bury any more people there. However, the people willing to pay for a grave find a way out, residents said.