Lahore airport reopens after closure due to heavy fog


Flight operation resumed at the Allama Iqbal International Airport as the fog cleared on Saturday. However many local and international flights were delayed.

Heavy fog descended in Lahore and adjoining areas, causing overnight suspension of flight schedules and closure of several sections of the motorway.

The visibility was reduced to 50m to 100m at Allama Iqbal Airport prompting a suspension of local and international flights.

According to the airport authorities, Pakistan International Airline`s (PIA) flight- PK 247 to Dammam was cancelled, whereas PK-759 flight to Jeddah and PK-725 to Riyadh was delayed.

In the morning visibility improved on the motorway which is now open for traffic.

Zero visibility at the motorway had halted traffic at the sections from Lahore to Pindi Bhattiyan and Sheikhupura. The motorway section was closed for the road between Pindi Bhattiyan to Faisalabad.  Commuters faced immense difficulty while travelling at Grand Trunk (GT) Road from Lahore to Okara.

The motorway authorities have strongly recommended drivers to drive safe and use fog lights.