Salman Ahmad expresses grief over Junaid Jamshed’s demise


Singer Salman Ahmad while talking about Junaid Jamshed on a private TV Channel’s program on Thursday said that the focus of every project or work of Junaid Jamshed was for Pakistan.

“I was travelling to New York when I read about the plane crash and Junaid’s death. My heart could not accept the news at the time,” he said.

Salman also spoke about his friendship with the late singer-turned-evangelist and said that their bond was strong.

“I had ideological differences with Junaid but our friendship was strong. Our bond was spiritual and he knew about each and every aspect of my life,” stated Salman.

During the conversation, Salman Ahmad also broke down and cried.

“There are various things that people don’t know about Junaid, such as how much he helped poor people,” said Salman. “I spoke with him a few days ago and cannot believe that we are here now talking about him,” he added.

Jamshed was travelling to Islamabad on the ill-fated PIA plane from Chitral where he had gone on a preaching tour.

The 52-year-old famous preacher had tweeted from the scenic valley of Chitral on December 4, praising the natural beauty of the area.