Junaid Jamshed dies in PIA plane crash: reports


Pop singer turned religious leader Junaid Jamshed and wife have been killed in PIA PK-661 plane crash near Abbottabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Brother of Junaid Jamshed has confirmed the reports of Junaid  traveling in the ill-fated plane.

Jamshed was travelling to Islamabad on the ill-fated PIA plane from Chitral where he had gone on a preaching tour.

Much of the anguish focused on Junaid Jamshed, the vocalist of Vital Signs, one of Pakistan’s first and most successful rock and pop bands of the 1990s, who abandoned his musical career in 2001 to become a travelling evangelist with the Tableeghi Jamaat group.

“Junaid Jamshed’s journey was so quintessentially Pakistani. Conflicted, passionate, devoted, uber smart, and so, so talented. Tragic loss,” Mosharraf Zaidi, an Islamabad-based development professional and analyst, said in a tweet.

Others simply shared his band’s many chart-topping hits, such as ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, which has become an unofficial anthem, played at public gatherings since its release in 1987.

At least 48 passengers have been feared dead as a Pakistan International Airlines plane flying from Chitral has reportedly crashed on its flight to Islamabad.

Flight PK-661 with 48 passengers went missing near Abbottabad while it was on its way to Islamabad.

The flight departed from Chitral around 3:30pm and was expected to land at Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport at around 4:40pm.

A PIA spokesperson told media  that flight PK-661 had disappeared from the air control radar.

According to military’s media wing ISPR, army troops and helicopters have been dispatched to the crash site for rescue efforts.

“We regret to inform that PIA’s ATR-42 aircraft operating as PK-661, carrying around 40 persons lost its contact with control tower on its way from Chitral to Islamabad a short while ago. All resources are being mobilised to locate the aircraft. Media will be kept informed as situation develops,” PIA spokesperson Danial Gilani said in a statement.

“PIA’s emergency response center has been activated and can be accessed at following phone numbers for updates: 0092-21-99044890, 0092-21-99044376 and 0092-21-99044394,” he added.

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  1. Asi zameen or asmaan in k siwa Jana kaha barti rahy ye roshani chalta rhy ye karawa Dil dil Pakistan Dil Dil mein hai jay jay yaha

  2. Inna lillahi wa inna aleihi rajeon. Allah subhana watala Junaid bhai ki maghfirat kare aur un pe rehmat kare. Aur un ke ghar walon ko sabre jameel ata farmae. Ameen!

  3. he was a source of inspiration for today’s youth. . my all time fav .May Allah grant u highest rank in jannah..

  4. May Allah swt grant them jannatul fidous and grant the famillies sabr e jameel Aameen.
    Do Not Judge Anyone Remember Allah swt is the Judge Allah is Malik

  5. Ina Lillahe wa inna ilayehe rajioon..ALLAH unhe r tmam shaheedon ko Jannat ul firdous me aalaw maqam ata frmaye AAMEEN

  6. Allah pak un ke Darjaat ko buland Farmaye (Ameen) He was a great person And he Achevied Very great Month Rabiah A wall So i request you guyzz Pray for him

  7. his naths are heart touching…
    Allah pak changed his life b4 death…what a mercy Allah has shown upon him…
    lets all make duas magfirah for him and read some tasbeeh in his favour…

  8. I read the news, of course it’s bad to hear.
    I also read the comments and found that everyone is praying and arguing only for one person and no body bother to say even a single word of console to family of other who left us in this unfortunate incident.. At I ask why..is it bcz u people don’t khow the others or bcz they were not so famous…why can’t we pray for all of them..and write some words for all of them..isn’t it true that we must love each and every person on the planet bcz all are creation of Allah…
    May Allah guide all of us to the right path here and afterwards.. Aameen..

  9. plz evri one is requestd not to talk il of ny one aftr death…………fear Allah
    ….n u mohammad khurram bro…plz once go for 3 dayz …ur eyes vl opnup…n u vl understand d truth…

  10. Inna Lillahay wa inna ilayehe rajioon.
    Its a very sad news for all passengers
    May Allah shower His blessings on allll of them and place them in Jannah and forgive all of them and give patience to their loved ones aameen

  11. Your comment…inna lillah e wa inna ilaih e rajeghon allah ta’ala in ko or in k family ko jo is hadisy me shaheed howa hy ur un sb ko jo iss hadisy me shaheed hochoky hy sb ko allah ta’ala jannat me aalla muqam dy AMEEN

  12. Innalillahi wa innaa ilahi rajioon. Allah junaid jamshed bhai ki maghfirat farmaya aor ham logo ko hidayat se nawaze

  13. may allah keep their soul rest in peace.i seriously express my condolense with their familiues who martyred in this incident.may allah grant them with paqradise.

  14. Today we lost a great Person Junaid Jamshed with his family and many othersإِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ
    May Allah give them Highest Place in Jannah .

  15. Allah un sub ki bakshish kare jo is hadse main jahanbahaq hoe aur ham ko sedhe raste pe chalne ki tofeeq de. Junaid Jamshaid ka sun ka boht afsoos howa. Wo boht hi azeem insaan the.

  16. Inna lillahi wainna ilaihi rajiyun.its an very big trajody for us.we can not forget it.Fahad siddiqui.

  17. Allah taallah junaid bhai oor tamam bhai Behan Jo es tayyaru my thy bakhshish farmay aameen summa aameen

  18. Inna lillahi wa inna aleihi rajeon. Allah subhana watala Junaid bhai ki maghfirat kare aur un pe rehmat kare. Aur un ke ghar walon ko sabre jameel ata farmae. Ameen!
    Honaid Mansoor Ali

  19. Inna lillahi wa inna aleihi rajeon. Allah subhana watala Junaid bhai ki maghfirat kare aur un pe rehmat kare. Aur un ke ghar walon ko sabre jameel ata farmae. Ameen!

  20. Inna lillah a wa innah elahy rajyon..
    Mery pyary bhai ko Allah pak Jannat mein Aala muqam aata farmayen…

  21. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun! Junaid Bhai Allah apni Jawar-e-Rahmat main rakhay you and all the people who were on board. I am witness that your are a true Muslim and beloved Pakistani.

  22. Fi naari jahannama khalidi na fi ha.ya allah maa aisha ke shaan me ghustaakhi karne wale
    is khabees singer ko jahannam me aala se aala makam atafarma

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