Extra work done in MNA’s constituency draws PAC’s ire

  • PAC directs ministry to initiate action against PHA official


Sub Committee of the Public Accounts Committee during a meeting took an exception to enhanced work done in the constituency of MNA Sheikh Aftab back in 2010.

Back then Shahid Farzand, an Executive Engineer of Pakistan Public Welfare Department (PWD), supervising the work had been implicated for enhancing scope of three works up to 197pc, 55pc and 105pc that resulted in irregular enhancement of contract valuing 21.28 million rupees.

The departmental reply given by PWD says that Sheikh Aftab Ahmed, who had, initiated the scheme of widening/improvement and road in his constituency desired to complete the work on extreme urgency before start of rainy season of that year, which was hardly one month away; he was of the view that the tendering process will since consume at least one month hence, as such it will not be possible to meet his emergent requirement and honour the commitment made to the people of his constituency.

‘In order to meet the said demand of MNA the department had no option other than to award the additional work to the contractors already executing work under clause 12 of his contract agreement in  public interest as is also provided for in PPRA Rules No. 42 (d)  (iii). Since, no misprocurement of contract can be said to be involved in this case as per above explanation, hence the Audit is requested to drop the para,’ the committee was informed.

DG PWD gave an opportunity to Shahid Farzand, who is now chief engineer at PHA Foundation to offer his comments on account of responsibility fixed by the inquiry officer upon him. Farzand submitted his clarification dated 12-07-2016 to be considered for clarification/representation.

Committee has directed Ministry of Housing and Works to initiate criminal proceedings against him within 15 days.