‘All’ celebrate ‘Sindh Topi-Ajrak Day’ in Larkana




The ‘Sindhi Culture and Unity Day’ was observed throughout Larkana and Kambar-Shahdad Kot districts on Sunday.

Almost all the nationalist political parties, PPP, PML-Q, PML-N, social and civil organizations on the day took out rallies. Wearing Sindhi topi (cap) and Ajrak, the people danced on Sindhi tunes and assembled at Jinnah Bagh Chowk, Larkana.

The occasion gave a festive look like Eid festivity because small and big processions with smiles and commitment on their faces were seen on the streets and roads.

Students of various colleges and schools took out big rallies. Unprecedented sale of Sindhi caps was witnessed in Larkana and Kambar-Shahdad Kot as December 4 was declared “Sindhi Culture Day”. The people prayed for the prosperity and development of Sindh and the country.

On the occasion, the speakers highlighted the importance of the day. Several social, political groups and civil society members also celebrated the day, organized different activities that included rallies, seminars, gatherings, dance events on folk and traditional songs.

On the occasion, Gomi Bai Ladies Club, Bhitai Social Welfare Association, Chandka Special Education Centre, District Education Department, Abbasi Kalhoro Tanzeem, Knowledge Centre and several other nationalists and media organizations held rallies, seminars and different events to highlight the Sindh Culture.