Indian students beat up Tarek Fatah for ‘Khalistani’, ‘terrorist’ name calling


Controversial social media celebrity, Tarek Fatah, was beaten up by students from Punjab University after he reportedly called a Sikh student ‘Khalistani’ and referred to a Muslim student from Jammu and Kashmir as a ‘terrorist.’

He was invited there to deliver a TEDx talk on Balochistan when the fracas took place.

Gagandeep Singh Dhillon, a PhD scholar in geography, was quoted by Indian Express, “I was sitting at the physics canteen when Tarek came and began an informal interaction with students. We were discussing yesterday’s Nagrota terror attack. When he was talking to us, the department librarian came. When the students rose to show respect, Tarek told them, ‘Indians need to stop giving such treatment to their seniors’.”

Tarek reportedly added that he would not stand up for his own father, ‘why are you all standing up for this person’.

When Mustafa, a PhD scholar from Kargil, objected, he told him, “Hey you gori chamdi, where are you from?… You’re a Pakistani terrorist, you’re an anti-national.”

Tarek then allegedly told Dhillon, “You are a Khalistani.”

This led to angry students beating him up.

The situation became so intense that the organisers had to cancel his talk.



  1. This person is a real hero among muslims. He has the guts to speak against the muslim fanatics knowing well that his life is in danger. He commands a great respect among the secular people of india and the world. Very few people like him have the guts to openly speak the truth and not shy away from speaking against Islamic terror and real history. We need more people like him to stand up against pseudo secular intellectuals and authors for world peace to prevail.

    • Who said that he is a Muslim. Ask this question to him.
      A person is said to be a Hero of the community. If he is standing on basic fundamental rules ( Tauheed ) of the religion of the same community and then fighting against the same community for justice.
      He is a fake muslim. He has Just come to India to show his criticism to Islam. Which is very easy here.

  2. Well Ravi he doesn’t command respect amongst Muslims nor is he a celebrity
    All he has achieved is to misuse the economical and political plight of balochistan and using it to his so called anti Pakistan … manipulated humanitarian agenda

    I’m happy if he is against Pakistan or any country but he cannot demand a respect of general public unless he speaks up against all humanitarian crises in the world
    It’s strange that he conveniently decides to ignore and remains silent at other such atrocities

    He knows that it’s easy to kick anti pakuatan or anti Muslim agenda … that it will be well embraced in media

    If he actually feels for Baloch people
    What has he done throughout his life did them ??

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