MQM-Pakistan, London workers face off in cleanliness drive


The workers of MQM Pakistan and MQM London came face-to-face during a cleanliness drive in the city’s Shah Faisal Colony area on Thursday.
The workers from the two factions had a confrontation during the drive initiated by Karachi mayor Waseem Akhtar, who has vowed to prioritize Karachi’s cleanup and repairing of roads in his 100-day plan for the city.
MQM London Convener Nadeem Nusrat meanwhile instructed his faction not to interfere or protest during any of Waseem Akhtar’s visits or works.
The mayor told a private TV channel that he has a 100-day plan for the city in which he wold focus on the two most critical issues facing the residents: piles of garbage scattered across the metropolis and broken roads making day-to-day commute a hassle.
Elaborating his plans for the first 100 days, Waseem Akhtar said his team was working with UCs in three districts of Karachi to build at least one park, one school and one clinic in each UC during the next 100 days. The team wold also focus on removing garbage and repairing roads in each UC.
When asked if the Karachi residents would be able to see some visible change after 100 days, Akhtar replied, “Yes, with whatever resources and power I have, you all will be able to see some changes.”
“But there’s a lot of work to do. A lot of backlog in garbage which would require time to clean up,” he added and requested the public to be patient.


  1. Dr Farooq Sattar of MQM Pakistan also had a photo session with broom in his hand to clean the city areas and then disappeared within two days. Now comes in Waseem Akhtar. If Wasim Akhtar is asking for help and co-operation of any and everybody – including JI and other stake-holders, why not workers of London MQM ? Their workers are also Pakistanis and residents of Karachi – previously partners in crime of Farooq Sattar & C0 for decades.

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