VIDEO: Chaiwala featuring in new music video


After walking the ramp at the Bridal Couture Week 2016, Chaiwala Arshad Khan starred in a music video. An Urdu rap song featuring Arshad Khan in the video was released recently, with the song aptly titled ‘Chaiwala’.

The song chronicles the rise of Arshad Khan from a mere Chaiwala to a person recognised internationally. The video features the Chaiwala dressed in a suit as he brings over tea to his customers. Sung by a band named Lil Mafia Mundeer and directed by Umais Khan, it’s safe to say that the video is far better than the song itself.

Women can be seen eagerly taking pictures besides the Chaiwala as his sudden rise to stardom is also depicted in the video.

Arshad Khan became a hit on social media after a photographer shared a random picture of his on Instagram with the caption ‘Hot tea’. The picture went viral owing to Khan’s good looks caught on camera, his blue eyes standing out in the frame.