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Non-state actors biggest threat to region: Hina Khar

Former Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said that the non-state actors are the biggest threat to the regional peace. She said that the capacity of certain non-state actors to derail Pakistan-India dialogue process was the biggest problem for the region.

In a talk show on a private TV channel, Hina Rabbani Khar said that non-state actors’ capacity to derail peace process was thwarting the entire effort. “But on the India side, it is a stated state policy that they want to isolate Pakistan diplomatically as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has himself said repeatedly”, Khar said.

The former foreign minister said that her Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government wanted to make the dialogue process uninterrupted and uninterruptible because certain elements or groups could not be allowed to dictate the two countries.

When asked how much the incidents like Pathankot or Mumbai Attacks played their role in thwarting the dialogue process, Khar said that these incidents were the biggest problem. She said that such incidents ideally should not affect the overall strategy. “Getting hold of some Indian agent in Balochistan or the Pathankot incident happening in India should be considered incidental issues while the dialogue process is a strategic issue”, she said.

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