‘Salute’ to pay tribute to Aitzaz Hasan’s bravery


Pakistani filmmakers are on a roll these days with movies hitting the screen every month. Although business wise, they don’t make it as big as Bollywood but excellent films are being made and it seems that there is no stopping the Pakistani filmmakers.

Adding to the list is the upcoming movie Salute which is a cinematic tribute to the brave martyr, Aitzaz Hasan.

Salute is a biographical film directed, written & produced by Shahzad Rafique. The film is based on the life of martyr Aitzaz Hasan; the Pakistani kid from Hangu who sacrificed his life by stopping a suicide bomber from attempting to blow his school. His bravery ended up saving up to 2,000 lives. The film stars Ali Mohtesham, Ajab Gul and Saima Noor in lead roles.

The trailer starts off with Aitzaz’s mother adoring her son and mentioning his passion for joining the armed forces while simultaneously, we see investigative forces and the military discussing the terrorism in the country and the extremists planning attacks. The trailer also reminded us of films like Waar which follow the same theme of war and terrorism.

The trailer displays a series of action scenes featuring the military. Since the movie is a cinematic tribute to the extremely brave Aitzaz, the trailer also consists of many emotional and tear jerking dialogues as Aitzaz’s voiceover at the end of the trailer saying: “Tere bete ne bohat se maaou ko ronay se bacha liya”.