Punjab gets a lion’s share in HEC’s foreign-funded scholarships



  • Students from Islamabad and Balochistan both bagged 4 scholarships each during 2013-2016
  • 187 scholarships were offered for science disciplines, while 40 were in disciplines of Humanities

Foreign countries had offered 227 scholarships for Pakistani students through Higher Education Commission over the last 4 years. A total of 5,415 students applied during 2013-2016 for the foreign-funded international scholarships.

While students domiciled in Punjab province bagged 142 scholarships out of total 227 positions amounting to 62.55 percent of total positions while constituting 55 percent of total population. Students from Balochistan province, that constitutes 7.22 percent of total population, got 4 scholarships during 2013-2016 that constitute 1.76 percent.

Despite the fact that 30.34 percent of the total population of Pakistan resides in Sindh it only had a share of 28 scholarships or 12.33 percent of international scholarships offered through Higher Education Commission (HEC) during the last four years, from January 2013 to October 2016.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa having 14.77pc population managed to get 38 positions or 16.74 percent share in scholarships. Gilgit Baltistan fared better as its students had 5 scholarships or 2.20 percent in the education scholarships when less than 1 percent of populace is living there.

2.5 percent of Pakistani population lives in Azad Jammu Kashmir, it managed to get hold of 3 scholarships or 1.321 percent. Students from FATA were given 3 scholarships or 1.321 percent shares in the scholarships when 2.44 percent population dwells there.

Islamabad, the federal Capital had four scholarships or 1.76 percent share in scholarships of the total population.

Majority of the scholarships were offered by United States of America, United Kingdom and Hungry. While Sri Lanka offered six, Mexico offered two, Cuba, Morocco and Thailand offered one scholarship each.

187 scholarships offered belonged to science and technology including Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Nanotech and others. While 40 scholarships in various disciplines of social sciences were availed including Psychology, Political science, Mass communications, Law, Sociology, Business Administration, English Literature among others. s