Indian submarines presence was unusual incident foiled by vigilant elite units: Admiral Zakaullah

  • Navy building capacity to protect CPEC, says Naval Chief of Staff

Naval Chief of Staff, Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah said on Thursday that the Indian submarine’s presence near Pakistani waters was an unusual incident, which was expertly handled by our elite units demonstrating high vigilance.

Talking to media persons at IDEAS-2016, the Naval chief said that he as navy chief and the entire nation were proud of the action carried out by PN.  He said the Indians would not dare another such adventure in the future, after this detection of their navy. He said they kept the Indian submarine under track for several days, and then forced it to leave the area.

Admiral Zakaullah said IDEAS-2016 will boost the country’s defence industry. He appreciated the standard of the defence exhibition and said foreign delegates appreciated Pakistani products. This is encouraging for our defence related industries, he said. He said the Navy participates as a service as Ministry of defence production puts on display the products.

He said he has seen stalls at the exhibition and was impressed by them. Some time back, he said, he could not have imagined that such sophisticated equipment would be made in Pakistan. He said their first priority was always to meet the demands of the armed forces and then export the surplus to improve the economy.

The Naval Chief said Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KSEW) displayed its products as well. He said he is head of the board of KSEW, which builds fast track craft and missile boats. He said a 17000 tons warship has also been launched at the shipyard.

Replying to a question, Admiral Zakaullah said Pakistan Navy is a small force and its four-dimensional capability: Service Navy, naval aviation, submarines, and marines & special service forces. He said the Navy is well prepared to respond to any threat in a befitting manner.

About CPEC, the naval chief said this big project is going to be made fully operational soon and Navy’s responsibilities have increased and they are making preparations for it. He said they need capacity building for this and government is supporting them.

He said fishermen of the two countries crossed maritime boundaries frequently, so there was a constant concern with India. He said a few days back eight boats and 45 fishermen were arrested.