Saudi mother breaks stereotypes by selling tea in streets


A Saudi woman has broken the fetters of unemployment and ensured her a decent income by selling tea in the street, Al Arabiya reported.

Jumana Makki, who sells tea on King Abdul Aziz Road in Madinah, said since she started the business her living conditions have remarkably improved.

Makki brews tea and some types of coffee on firewood. She is helped by her university-going daughters.

“I broached the idea with my daughters while we were talking about how to improve our living conditions, especially with the rising costs and the difficulty of finding an office job,” Makki told Al-Madina newspaper.

Makki said it was necessary for her to take the decision with complete conviction and without any hesitation.

Jumana Makki gets help from her university-going daughter in running her tea business.“I started selling tea and coffee along the road. I brew tea on firewood because it is cheap and does not require a big investment,” she said.

Makki said when she started the business, she was severely criticised by her relatives and friends who did not like the idea of a woman selling tea in the street.

“I do not see anything wrong in doing this as long as I am looking for an income that will enable me to live with honour and dignity, especially that I am making good money from the business,” she said.

Makki said with her involvement in the work, the criticism gradually died down and she began to hear words of encouragement and support.

“My university-going daughters started coming to help me sell the tea and coffee to the passersby and the picnickers. This will not harm them in any way because it is an honourable job,” she said.

Makki said she starts her work after Asr prayer and continues until after midnight.

“With the passage of time, my customers came to realise that I was serious in my work. Nobody is annoying me anymore. I have nothing to worry about now,” she said.

Courtesy: Al Arabiya