NY moves closer to shutting down Indian Point nuclear power plant


New York State has taken another step toward shutting down the Indian Point nuclear power plant, outside New York City, officials said Monday.

The decision of the New York Court of Appeal concerns an application to renew one of the permits required by Entergy to continue operating two pressurized water reactors at the plant, which were put into operation in 1974 and 1976.

Contrary to a lower court’s ruling, this request must be submitted to the State Department of State of New York State, which should reject it.

“The Department of State already concluded that the Indian Point relicensing application is inconsistent with New York’s long-standing Coastal Management Program requirements and will continue to use this program to protect New York’s coastline,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

“Indian Point is antiquated and does not belong on the Hudson River in close proximity to New York City, where it poses a threat not only to the coastal resources and uses of the river, but to millions of New Yorkers living and working in the surrounding community.”

Since the 2011 Japanese nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Cuomo has pushed for shutting down the plant. Sixty miles outside New York, the densely populated area would be particularly difficult to evacuate in an emergency.

The power plant’s supporters, on the other hand, stress that it provides a quarter of New York City’s electricity consumption – and the fact the energy is being produced without burning fossil fuels that contribute to global warming.