JI, CDA blame-game on piece of land goes on



The Member Administration of Capital Development Authority (CDA), Suleyman Warraich, Jamaat-e-Islami’s Zubair Khan and Khalid Bhatti have locked horns as they try to occupy the precious land worth billions.

Sources said that all of them want to grab or buy the land from affectees at Shah Allah Dita at throwaway prices and launch a housing society to mint billions, which, for Warraich, also falls in conflict of interest. However, the land falls under the Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) and construction in any terms is not allowed in the premises.

The Member Administration of CDA by misusing his authorities took action against the land in the particular moaza which authority never acquired in Shah Allah Dita. Curiously, he also owns 196 kanal lands in the same premises.

A decade back, according to the documents available with Pakistan Today, in order to evade taxes he bought the land he purchased in 3.6 million per kanal in the said area, he actually, however register it with the revenue department by showing it 0.5 million per kanal, which is an illegal act.

In 2014, he registered a company “Tri Quest” with three shareholders with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). However, a civil servant cannot own, run or be a beneficiary of any private business after joining civil services. The registration of new private property company with SECP reveals that he is direct beneficiary of Tri Quest Company which could create a legal hurdle for future of his service.

A day before yesterday the directorate of Public Relation issued a press release denying all the allegations of Jamat-e-Islami against the Member Administration CDA by Mr Khalid Bhatti and Zubair Khan in their press conference in Islamabad on November 21, 2016.

The official press release also claimed that Suleyman owned that particular land from 2001; much earlier to his joining the civil service. The lawful asset is declared in the officers annual returns and is reflected in his tax returns filed annually to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). Somehow, the member administration tricked the FBR and got rid of heavy taxes.

As per CDA bylaws and service regulations, an officer must have a three months service in the authority in order to become a member of the CDA. The Mayor and Chairman CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz accommodate a junior grade 19 officer of commerce and trade group to the key post of member administration, a post of grade 20.

Moreover, the Chairman CDA also gave another key charge of Chief metropolitan Corporation (CMO) to Suleyman Warraich.

Under the conflict of interest, the mayor cannot also become a chairman of the CDA as he has a great history of contractor ship. His company also worked for CDA back in 2008.

Like previous management, everyone in the incumbent management is accommodating his near and dear.

It is worthy to mention here that the JI leader Zubair in a press conference gave ultimatum to the government to transfer Suleyman otherwise their party will protest in front of CDA headquarter.

Sources confided to Pakistan Today that Zubair and Khalid had FIR registered against them in different police stations of in which they were accused of land grabbing.

When contacted, Suleyman Warraich said that “the CDA has given the version. I am not shareholder and don’t have any management control and a role in decisions in a company”, he, however, openly admitted that he is a shareholder of Tri Quest.

“I have no concern or wish to work anywhere, government has the power to transfer me,” he concluded.