Watching Hillary lose made women feel worse about their careers: survey


After watching a woman who prepared for the job for 30 years lose out to a man with no experience in last week’s presidential election, women are questioning their own career prospects, Mashable reported.

survey by the career website InHerSight found that 76 percent of women felt worse about their own careers after seeing the election results. The site asked 750 women the question “How have the election results made you feel about your own prospects for advancement in your career?”

Forty-five percent of respondents said they felt significantly worse, 31 percent said they felt somewhat worse, 5 percent said they felt significantly better and 3 percent said they felt somewhat better. Sixteen percent said they felt no change.

In comments submitted along with the survey results, women said they felt worse about their career prospects both because of the symbolism of Hillary Clinton’s loss and because of their expectations for Donald Trump’s policies on issues like family leave and child care.

“She made it far, but still lost to a man who is less qualified for the job,” one survey respondent said. “This is what we go through everyday.”

Courtesy: Mashable


  1. It is not a question of who is less qualfiifed for a JOB. Let us not forget that Trump is reported to be a top businessman . peple may be tired of the same old policies on heels of Obama and find trump a better guy judging by the margin of victory. It is not a question of gender bias here.

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