Pakistan observes Faiz Ahmed Faiz 32th death anniversary


Nation observed the 32nd  death anniversary of renowned revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz on Sunday.

Faiz was born on 13 February 1911, in an academic family as his father was a barrister. He was a supporter of communism, because of which he had to face a lot of hurdles and difficulties.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz spent time behind the bars but never bowed down in front of dictators. He had to face an exile but he kept fighting for the people and continued his struggle, brilliant work. He also got Lenin Peace Prize in 1962.

Faiz s revolutionary poetry and life is a lesson for all as he never gave up. He was finally rewarded in 1972 when he was appointed as the Culture adviser at the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education.

He had to face a difficult time again in 1977 when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto s government was dismissed. He left Pakistan in 1979 and took asylum in Lebanon. Faiz returned to Pakistan in 1982 and died in 1984, just after he got to know that he was nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature.

Faiz was also awarded the highest civilian award Nishan-e-Imtiaz, whereas year 2011 was named as the year of Faiz by Pakistan People s Party (PPP).

-Faiz International Festival-

The first-ever Faiz International Festival has been inaugurated at Alhamra Hall on Saturday to celebrate the literary work and poetry of legendary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

Faiz died on November 20, 1984. The festival will span over three days in which the artists and intellectuals from all over the world are participating.

In an inaugural ceremony, Saleema Hashmi, Alhamra Chairman  Kamran Lashari, Executive Director Atta Mohammad Khan, Saeed Akhtar and others were present.

Artists, poets, politicians, social activists, students, intellectuals, dancers and everyone who have any affinity with Faiz Ahmed Faiz visited the festival.

Exhibition of rare paintings of Shakir Ali Museum was also held while a play of Ajoka Theatre was also performed in Hall Number 2.

On the other hand, as many as 18 sessions highlighting the culture of Pakistan have been arranged, while the display of books “Over my Shoulder” and “Dear Heart” would be also the part of the function.

PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira, in his remarks, expressed, “Faiz will live forever and rule the hearts of young generation as he had ruled the hearts of the older generation.”

An intellectual from National College of Arts Sarwat Ali covered the topics of songs, ‘naghmon ke sada. He went into the detailed history of singing in the subcontinent, particularly in Pakistan. Arshad Mahmood and Israr Hussain Chishti also presented their views on the topic.

Actor Fawad Khan said with grief in his voice stated: “It is a worrying situation for all of us because there is a great deal of tension between  Pakistan and India. “Some people opposed me in India without naming me. Some opposed by mentioning my name,” he said and added: “I would never forget respect I have earned in India.” He expressed the similar kind of feelings in the session of “Hum aa ge to garmi-e-bazar dekhna”.

Sameena Peerzda said: “The festival produces a sense of collectiveness. Such kind of festivals should be held in major cities of the country.”

Famous singer Jawwad Ahmed, Ali Noor, Najam Ul Hassan and Arshad Memood questioned the up-building of the young generation and said, “Young generation has been playing with gadgets. They don’t have relations with books. How a Gahlib, Iqbal or Faiz will be born?

The festivity was also attended by Salman Raja, Asad Umar, Asim Sajjad, Shaista Pervaiz Malik etc.

In the end, Hamid Ali Khan will deliver the speech in “Dosto Bazam Sajao” segment whereas singer Tina Sani will also perform during the event.




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