Traders protest against illegal construction in F-6/1 market


Local traders have been protesting against the illegal construction of a commercial plaza in Farooqia Market, F-6/1Islamabad as it was being constructed in violation CDA’s building by-laws.

According to the traders, a change of building direction is not allowed in any Class-III shopping centre, and the direction of the said plaza was changed in connivance with CDA’s Building Control Section staff. They said that the map of the plaza showed verandas and that the plaza was being constructed without any veranda. Additionally, the building was built 8 feet from the ground which was completely illegal.

Addressing the traders, President, Anjuman-e-Tijaran Pakistan Ajmal Baloch, said that corruption was on the rise in the CDA due to which many illegal constructions were being undertaken in the federal capital. He blamed the officials of the Building Control Section of the CDA and accused them of receiving bribes for allowing such constructions.