Real “tabdeeli” comes from within


I must say, it’s very disturbing to see that people blame their incompetence on the government.
Somewhere it’s the government’s fault too, but deep down we are also responsible for the mess created in our country. We want to change our country but we are doing nothing. We are the ones who throw garbage openly on the roads, who use vehicles instead of walking for a few
minutes. So, who is creating air pollution or noise pollution? We can’t blame the government for our mistakes or faults. In fact, what we should do is to change ourselves first because we are at fault too. You can’t change a country by changing the government. You can’t make your country better by blaming the government. But what we should do is to change ourselves. Change
comes when each and every individual of country change their selves in a way that they feel their responsibility and fulfill it. So, when every individual of country start amending themselves, only then can our country prosper.