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PMA announces names of new office-bearers

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) in a press conference here Friday announced the results of the elections of PMA Centre.

The following candidates were declared successful: Dr Ikram Ahmed Tunio as president-elect, Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad as secretary-general, Dr Qazi Muhammad Wasiq as treasurer, Dr Talha Khan Sherwani as joint secretary-I, Dr Khalid Bin Saleem as joint secretary-II, and Dr Sarwar Jamil Siddiqui was declared the Chairman of Editorial Board-JPMA

The new cabinet unveiled the roadmap of their future activities.

It said, first, the PMA wants to re-organise its branches at all level. “We will make sure that all branches carry out their elections regularly in the presence of a nominated observer of PMA Centre and get properly registered with PMA Centre,” it added. “The communication network will be enhanced between PMA Centre and all provincial and district branches of PMA throughout the country.”

PMA will take the issue of falling standards of medical education and the role of PMDC on a priority basis, it revealed. PMA wants to see PMDC as an independent democratic and autonomous body, it said, adding, “We will get our acts together to get the PMDC bills passed by the parliament and resolve the present status of chaos and confusion.”

Many universities – especially medical universities – mushroomed in the last 15 years, but without planning and proper legislation. While facing a chronic shortage of basic sciences faculty, the province was never in a position to open and run that many number of medical institutes, but no one bothered, it said.

PMA will launch a series of awareness campaigns for the general public regarding the preventable diseases with the help of media and pharmaceutical industry.

PMA will enhance its struggle to get the Health Care Commission Bill implemented in Sindh.

The Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA) is one the most prestigious index medical journals in the world. After the election of Dr Jamil Ahmed Siddiqui as its chairman, PMA’s editorial board will put all its efforts to improve the standard of the journal.

The cabinet said health issues of Pakistan are increasing day by day, for example, waterborne diseases, polio, HIV/Aids, hepatitis-B and C, oral cancer, liver and kidney diseases, infectious and viral diseases (Congo and Dengue). The standard of government hospitals is deteriorating; unfortunately, the prime minister of Pakistan announced 39 modern hospitals in the country, it added. The existing hospitals should be improved to provide better healthcare facilities. “Once again we demand a modern virology lab in the country,” the cabinet said.

The health of the nation report is the annual feature of PMA Centre. This report is being prepared and will be launched by the end of February 2017.

PMA wants to extend medical help to its journalist friends and their families. “We plan to have regular free medical camp at press clubs and Arts Council of Pakistan,” it said.

Next Pak-China Medcong will be held in China in 2018, and a big delegation of PMA will participate, it informed.

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