WhatsApp video calling feature available in Pakistan, India


WhatsApp has made the video calling feature available for users worldwide, including Pakistan and India. Over 1 billion users of WhatsApp will be able to utilise this video calling feature rolled out to Android, iPhone, and Windows users.

Many users have tested the feature in Pakistan. In case of any issue, keep checking the Google Play store for updates and share with your friends how has your experience been of using the service.

The video experience is nothing different, you have already experienced that on Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo and in other such similar applications. While video calling, you will be able to see yourself and the caller in a small window.


WhatsApp adopted end-to-end encryption early this year, making it technically impossible for the company or government authorities to read messages or listen to calls.

The new video calling service will thus provide another means for people to communicate without fear of eavesdropping through WhatsApp does retain other data such as an individual’s list of contacts.

WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum said improvements in phone cameras, battery life and bandwidth had made the service viable for a significant proportion of WhatsApp users, even those using inexpensive smartphones.

Apple Inc offers its FaceTime video calls to iPhone users, and Microsoft Corp’s Skype offers video calls on multiple platforms. But WhatsApp has built a massive installed base of mobile customers and has been steadily adding more features to what began as a simple chat application.