US refused to answer request to release Aafia Siddiqi: Dep Attorney General


The United States has refused to respond to a letter by the Pakistani government letter requesting the release of Aafia Siddiqi, now imprisoned in the US.

This was stated by the Deputy Attorney General in the Sindh High Court on Wednesday while hearing a petition to bring back Aafia Siddiqi to Pakistan from the United States.

The Counsel for Aafia said that under the 2002 ordinance, she can be brought back if the US and Pakistan agree upon extradition of the convict.

The Chief Justice said that the court will decide the matter after hearing arguments from the two sides.

Aafia Siddiqui was flown by the FBI from Afghanistan to New York and indicted in a New York federal district court in September 2008, on charges of assault and the attempted murder of a United States Army Captain in a police station in Ghazni, Afghanistan. Aafia denied the charges. After 18 months in detention, she was tried and convicted on 3 February 2010 and sentenced later that year to 86 years in prison.