Jennifer Aniston planning to adopt from Mexican orphanage?


Actor Jennifer Aniston is reportedly adopting children from two Mexican orphanages.

Aniston is now considering adopting orphans she’s been financially supporting, reports

Aniston regularly visits Casa Hogar Sion and Casa Hogar de Los Ninos orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico.

She provided the two orphanages with school equipment, personal hygiene items as well as toys and clothes for babies and toddlers.

“This has brought some happiness into her life and brought her close to her dream of having her own child. Finding the fulfilment she’s missing in her marriage to Justin Theroux as she spends time with the children from the facilities,” a source close to Aniston said.

“She gets to be around kids, and she’s feeling appreciated for a change. She even wants to bring one or more kids home so she can feel like a mom all the time,” the source added.

According to the website, Aniston’s former husband Brad Pitt was the one who came up with the idea to adopt kids in Mexico. The former couple had talked about adopting a child from the country before he left her to be with actress Angelina Jolie more than a decade ago.

“Brad really gave her the courage to move forward. He told her, ‘You’ll be an amazing mother. I’ve always believed that.’ Hearing Brad say those words was just what she needed,” the source said.