Israel backs India on terror fight, PM Modi targets Pakistan


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday accused Pakistan of being the “origin and spread” of terrorism and said India and Israel had agreed on the need for the international community to act with a resolve against terror networks and the states that harboured them.

The remarks came as India and Israel on Tuesday decided to further broaden their already close defence partnership and intensify cooperation in combating radicalisation and extremism.

“We recognise that terrorism is a global challenge, knows no boundaries and has extensive links with other forms of organised crimes.“Regrettably, one of the countries of its origin and spread is in India’s neighbourhood,” said Modi in his media statement after holding talks with visiting Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

“We agreed that the international community must act with resolve and determination against terror networks and states that harbour them,” added Modi.He sought Israel’s help in containing terrorism and extremism from Pakistan. “President Rivlin and I deeply value our strong and growing partnership to secure our societies. Our people are constantly threatened by forces of terrorism and extremism,” he said.

“We noted the strength of our growing defence partnership. And agreed on the need to make it more broad-based through production and manufacturing partnerships,” he said.Modi added that the Israeli president had also assured support for India’s UN Security Council permanent membership.

He also asked Israel to invest in India for high-technology manufacturing and in the services sectors.“We have identified water management and conservation, and collaboration in scientific research and development as two areas of priority engagement. We both agreed that the current trajectory of the Indian economy opens up many promising opportunities for Israeli companies,” he said.

Referring to growing collaboration between the two countries, particularly in the defence sector, Rivlin said his country was ready to “Make in India and Make with India”.“We stand together in defending our people and our values,” Rivlin said.The two sides inked two pacts to strengthen cooperation in agriculture and water resources management sectors.




  1. There is a big presence of MOSSAD as well as RAW in Pakistan says one ex-official of ISI. Not embarrassing ?

  2. Pity the paki beggars who’s last resort is CPEC ( Chini Paki eunuch corporation) ,

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