Sindh governor shifted to ICU


Sindh Governor Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui was hospitalised on Sunday. According to reports, Siddiqui was taken to a private clinic after complaining of chest pains. A spokesman of the Sindh Governor’s House said that Siddiqui’s condition was better. “Doctors have advised him to stay at the hospital for a day,” the spokesman said. Official sources said that Siddiqui was suffering from a lung disease and had been admitted to the medical ICU.

Justice (r) Siddiqui had been sworn in as the new governor on Friday. Sindh High Court Chief Justice Syed Sajjad Ali Shah administered the oath to Justice Siddiqui.


  1. Wish him well and an early recovery. PM Nawaz Sharif had gambled on the MQM's longest serving Governor of a Province in the History of the country, hoping to improve Administration. The new Governor is in office only days. Had gone to Qaid's Mazar to pay respect which is a protocol, but could not climb the steps and was helped by the Aids. Hope he recovers and fulfills the dream of the Ruling Party. One PML(N) Senator is already at his heels. Maula Bakhsh Chandio has already expressed his and his party's reservations about the change.

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