Occupation regime starts deafening people now: DeM


Dukhatarn-e-Millat (DeM) General Secretary Nahida Nasreen has said that the Indian authorities have come up with new tools to suppress the genuine voices of Kashmiris for freedom.

According to KMS , Nasreen in a statement in Srinagar said, “After wreaking havoc with Pellet guns and Pava shells, the occupation regime has unleashed havoc by firing `stun grenades’.

These grenades have caused serious health issues to the civilians. It not only affects those who live in the surrounding areas but also those who live beyond that.”

After blinding and killing people with pellet guns the puppets have now started damaging the ear drums of the people, she added. Divulging details, she said that many civilians have suffered damages in their ear drums. Nasreen said, adding

“The puppets of New Delhi have left no stone unturned to suppress the voices of Kashmiris. They have turned localities into localities of deaf and blind.”

“The DeM detained Chairperson Aasiya Andrabi’s health has deteriorated in Baramulla sub-jail where she has been detained under draconian PSA. She had to be vaccinated in October. Despite reminder, the authorities are not providing any medical aid.

Due to lack of heating facilities and the regular clashes inside a jail, her health has further deteriorated.”

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