Talk show embarrasses Priyanka Chopra by digging up her old videos


Priyanka Chopra has been appearing on too many chat shows. While most chat shows are refined, this recent chat show where PeeCee appeared as a guest left her red-faced, all in good humour, though.

The actress was at the Live chat show, Watch What Happens along with Scandal star Tony Goldwyn.

Andy Cohen left no stone unturned to embarrass Piggy Chops, all thanks to the Bollywood clips shown from PC’s early days in the industry.

Naturally, PC was left cringing but the clips literally took us down the memory lane when Bollywood was absolutely different from what it is today.

From her pelvic thrusts to dance sequences and intimate scenes with Akshay, Cohen handpicked the worst of what PC has done and they laughed at it all considering where she is now.