Javed Hashmi hints at rejoining PML-N


Senior politician Javed Hashmi on Saturday said that he might rejoin the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), however, the final decision will be announced soon.

Speaking to reporters at Multan Press Club, Javed Hashmi said, “Basically I am a member of the Muslim league and nobody can stop me from joining the ruling party.”

Hashmi had left PML-N in December 2011 to join PTI but left the opposition party in October 2014 after developing differences with Imran Khan during the party’s Islamabad sit-in.

To a question, he noted that more provinces should be created by decentralising powers in the country.

We should shun this thinking that all the decisions will be made in Punjab, he added.

Speaking on the US presidential election results, Hashmi said Donald Trump would not be able to serve his complete term as president.

The US elections showed how majority votes cause destruction, he said, adding that Trump’s policies would divide the United States.


  1. This gentleman should be in a position to give prognosis about the present Govt. than about the future of President Trump.

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