Saudi Arabia to open overseas labour office in Pakistan


In a new move to raise awareness on the labor regulations in the Kingdom among expatriate workers, the Saudi Cabinet on Monday approved the setting up of labor attaché offices at Saudi embassies in Pakistan, Egypt, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, during its last session in Riyadh, Arab News reported.

This step has been recommended by the Standing Committee of the Council of Economic Affairs and Development. At the same time, the Cabinet ordered the Labor and Social Development Ministry to determine the number of Saudi staff at the new labor attaché offices and their duties in coordination with Foreign and Civil Service Ministries, according to a statement from the Cabinet to the Saudi Press Agency.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development said the new decision will ensure smooth recruitment of highly skilled workers and get rid of the role of brokers, as well as development mechanisms of employing foreign workers in the private sector in Kingdom.



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