Minor dies as young doctors lock Mayo Hospital emergency


Patients at Mayo Hospital in Lahore suffered as young doctors continued their strike for the third day Thursday (today) boycotting OPDs.

Resultantly, a one-and-a-half-year-old girl died in Lahore’s Mayo hospital over not receiving timely treatment as the emergency ward has been locked in the aftermath of doctors’ protest.

Sana, belonging to a Pashtun family from tribal areas, was brought to the Mayo hospital’s emergency ward with minor burn injuries two weeks ago.

After initial treatment, she was shifted to the hospital’s general ward; however, she was not provided with further treatment due to the ongoing protest of doctors.

Her parents told media that they waited for treatment for about 13 days, resultantly, the injury became cancer. They said the doctors asked them to seek treatment somewhere else as they were not willing to resume their duties.

Earlier, a cardiac patient died outside the emergency ward of the Mayo Hospital on Wednesday when young doctors protesting there allegedly denied him entry.

The incident took place shortly after a faction of the young doctors seeking restoration of a post-graduate trainee shut down the emergency ward. They turned violent when the institute’s administration made arrangements to reopen the outpatient department (OPD) by deputing senior medics.

Over 15,000 patients have been suffering due to the strike. Many patients, along with their attendants, were seen uttering harsh words for the protesting doctors.

They said doctors should not involve themselves in such practices as their duty is to give priority to treating the patients.

YDA spokesman Dr Khurram Shehzad said the strike would continue till the restoration of sacked doctors at the Mayo Hospital.

Authorities said that the doctors were sacked as they mistreated patients.