China rejects report of aiding Pakistan’s nuclear program


China rejected a report by the Center for Science and Security Studies at King’s College, the UK that it continues to aid Pakistan’s nuclear and missile programs and most important supplier of all forms of goods.

Taking strong exception to the report, Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Lu Kang’s they have noted relevant report. It may sound plausible but cannot stand closer analysis because it fails to answer one essential question.

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The question is, whether China’s export of goods to Pakistan alleged by the report violates any of China’s national regulations on non-proliferation export control or China’s international obligations under the UN Security Council resolutions and multilateral export control mechanism that China enters into, the spokesman said I f there’s no such violation, then China’s export to Pakistan in whatever volume is beyond reproach as it is just normal trade between two friendly neighboring countries.

He emphasised that pursuing a serious, earnest and responsible non-proliferation policy, China has put in place a full-fledged nuclear non-proliferation export control regulation system through decade-long efforts. China’s system reaches world-class standard by adopting the catch-all controls principle and list-based management method.

“You asked whether there may be some individual companies or personnel who might violate China’s domestic laws or international obligations concerning non-proliferation export for commercial interests, and I can tell you that should such cases occur, the perpetrators will be punished in strict accordance with China’s laws and regulations. Besides, I don’t believe there is a single country in the world that could guarantee zero occurrences of such case in its country,” he added.

Lu Kang further said that the speculation made by the relevant report will lead to nothing. If relevant think-tank really cares about the non-proliferation export control, He suggested that it study China’s national non-proliferation export control regulations and compare cases they listed with them before reaching a conclusion on China’s violation. But if they have ulterior motives, they had better drop their unrealistic illusions without any delay.

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