Lack of funds: Capital’s ‘model prison’ project faces delay


Capital Model Prison whose plan was conceived back in 2008 by then government in sector H-16 has once again hit a snag as government has issued only 200 million rupees for the project this year while the total cost is estimated at 4,530 million rupees.

The district administration along with poor planning of concerned quarters, the project was originally estimated at 72 million rupees back in 2008. Originally 870 kanal were to be bought, however 720 kanal was bought. CDA made dubious payments of 480 million rupees to locals.

The interior ministry has ordered former Islamabad deputy commissioner to prepare a PC-1 and feasibility report for the construction of prison in capital. A joint account was made in name of Interior Ministry and CDA. Amount of 70 million was issued for the affectees but was spent elsewhere.

No departmental inquiry has been ordered in this regard and neither have the culprits been brought to account for their negligence and corrupt practices.

Since Islamabad has no prison of its own, prisoners are brought to and from Adiala Jail, situated 32 kilometres and an hour drive away from District Courts, Islamabad. Adiala Jail houses 5983 prisoners against a total capacity for 1919 prisoners.

Adiala Jail has 8 barracks in all; each barrack has 8 rooms with capacity of 45 prisoners. According to sources, more than 70 prisoners are put in each barrack. Many of them sleep in turns. Barrack 1, 2 and 3 are for those prisoners whose cases are under trial.

While the barracks 4, 5, and 6 for those who are completing their sentence awarded by court and their sentences being challenged in higher courts. Barrack 7 is exclusively for those punished or under trial in drug offences. Barrack 8 is for those in protective custody.

When contacted for a comment, additional deputy commissioner (revenue) said that district administration had already conducted 3 surveys in this regard. “It is the responsibility of the CDA to take possession of land. According to PEPRA rules, the tender for development is yet to be issued and the work hasn’t yet been started. The model prison will be completed in three years if land is required soon,” she said.

When contacted, Director Development Muhammad Ali said that work is yet to begin. ‘We will advertise the tender in newspapers and in three years’ time Islamabad will have its first model prison,” he added.