ICT terms, conditions for PTI’s rally at Parade Ground


District Magistrate, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has allowed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) with conditions to hold a public meeting (Jalsa) at Parade Ground, Shakarparian between 1400 hours to 2200 hours on Wednesday.

Issuing No Objection Certificate (NOC) to Member of National Assembly from Islamabad (NA-48), Asad Umar with reference to his application and undertaking/code of conduct, the Magistrate said the NOC is issued subject to conditions which include:

  • Venue of rally shall be at Parade Ground, Shakarparian, Islamabad.
  • Time of ‘Jalsa’ shall be from 1400 hours to 2200 hours.
  • The organisers shall ensure that there is no stampede by participants and shall be responsible for any consequences in this regard.
  • The organisers shall take responsibility that participants shall not move beyond identified boundaries of the venue, any violation of this and resultant consequences shall be responsibility of organizers.
  • Anti-state, anti-religion/sectarian or anti-ideology of Pakistan slogans or speeches shall not be made.
  • Effigy/flag of any political or religious party/person shall not be burnt. Weapons/firearms of any kind shall not be taken at/near venue of the Jalsa (weapons include Batons Sticks etc or any instrument that can cause bodily harm).
  • The use of deck/speakers/sound amplifier shall comply with provisions of West Pakistan Amplifier Ordinance 1965. Sound System shall not be used during Azan timings.
  • Traffic Management Plan and Vehicle Parking Plan of ICT Police shall be adhered to by organizers and participants of the event and smooth traffic flow for residents of ICT shall not  be obstructed.
  • For the safety of the general public and maintenance of law and order at the venue, the ICT police and Law Enforcement Agencies shall not be obstructed to check/search of any vehicle/person coming to attend  the Jalsa anywhere in ICT.
  • The organisers of the Jalsa shall fully cooperate with ICT Administration and Police and other LEAs for ensuring fool-proof security.
  • As mutually agreed with ICT Administration and Police, the internal security of the venue shall be the responsibility of the organisers.
  • Foolproof security arrangement for participants shall be ensured by the organisers including minimum setback area of 45 meters between the first row of participants and the stage.
  • The organisers shall take necessary measures to separate the stage and the audience, segregation of female participants’ enclosure from male participants shall also be ensured.
  • Search of participants at entry points of venue shall be the joint responsibility of organisers and ICT Police. Participants shall only be allowed inside the venue after thorough security check.
  • Search of female participants shall be made jointly by lady police officials and PTI female workers
  • Threat perception/source reports shall be shared with organisers from time to time by ICT Administration, on which the organisers shall take enhanced security measures.
  • Police and LEAs will be responsible for security and traffic flow outside the Jalsa venue and parking.
  • Organisers shall be responsible for any human injury caused inside the venue due to internal arrangements.
  • The organisers undertake to respect competing for fundamental rights of other stakeholders and public at large during Jalsa.
  • All rules/regulations, municipal laws shall be strictly adhere.

Earlier, the Islamabad High Court in its decision last week asked PTI to keep the sit-in at a designated area and not block state machinery.

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