Amir Khan targeted by ‘inept’ blackmailer over ‘sex tape’, accused sent to jail


The man who blackmailed Pakistan-born British boxer Amir Khan has been sentenced to 16 months in jail.

Sources told that authorities appreciated Amir Khan for approaching the court and declared the suspect as a mental patient.

The 27-year-old suspect Hamza Deen sent a threatening email to Amir Khan claiming to have indecent pictures of the sportsman which he will hand over to the media if he fails to give money.

The boxer contacted police and provided them all the evidence after which security officers arrested Hamza for further investigation.

Pakistani-British boxer Amir Khan was the victim of a failed blackmail attempt, with an extortionist claiming to possess a video of the 29-year-old with a woman.

According to Daily Mail, Hamza Din, who emailed the Brit’s management team, stated earlier that the video showed the 29-year-old boxer with a woman in a hotel room in Newcastle.

However, after the blackmail attempt failed, Din said that the footage did not exist and was given a suspended sentence by the Bolton Crown Court.

Previously, Din claimed that the footage was ‘100 per cent real’ and threatened to release it if he heard no response from Khan or his management team. He demanded money and said he would release the clip to the media unless they ‘matched the price’ it could fetch.

Prosecutors in the court said that Din had created a new e-mail account using the name ‘Harry Dean’, but it was quickly traced and he was arrested.

Din pleaded guilty to a single charge of blackmail and was sentenced to 16 months in prison and suspended for two years.

In a statement read to the court, Khan said, “I do not want anyone else to be put in a position that me and my family have been put in.”

Judge Richard Gioserano said that Din was suffering from bi-polar disorder and praised the British boxer’s response to the whole episode. “When Khan was told he knew that it could not be true,” he said. “He was worried about the harm that the mere making of an allegation, though baseless, could cause.”

The judge added that the allegation made by Din was completely baseless.