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Imran tells party workers to break every obstacles, reach Bani Gala on Monday at any cost

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Sunday (today) directed his party workers across Pakistan to uproot all barricades and impediments leading to Islamabad and reach Bani Gala on Monday.

“I urge all party members, who were supposed to come on Nov 2, to reach tomorrow,” Khan said talking to reporters outside Bani Gala residence.

“Do not let any obstruction on the way stop you.”

“You have to reach here because we don’t see any law in this country,” Khan said adding that from here, the caravan will head towards Islamabad on Tuesday.

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Imran Khan further said former Information Minister Parvaiz Rasheed, who was asked by the prime minister to step down from his post, has been made a scapegoat but the nation “demands much more”.

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The PTI leader hit out at the information minister. Invoking a metaphor, Khan said, “The nation wants the sacrifice of a horse, not a mule.”

“Rasheed could not speak without a signal from “his masters” to do so. He could not dare to anything on his own. He just obeyed instructions,” Khan added.

“People are not ready to accept the sacrifice of an associate,” he said. “We want to know who was the one from the ‘royal family’ who directed this entire drama.”

He also reiterated his ongoing criticism of the government for its actions in the days leading up to his scheduled November 2 protest and said it has “gone out of its way” to restrain the party from exercising its constitutional right of protest.

He also said the Islamabad police did not spare female protesters of PTI but there was no Section 144, an order which bans public gatherings, for Defa-e-Pakistan Council.

Khan said the credibility of the judiciary was at stake as, according to him, the government was violating laws and had committed contempt of court.

“I want to tell the judiciary that it is their trial, not mine.”

“What would people think as you passed orders and everyone is seeing what is going on?” he said, in an apparent reference to shipping containers that have blocked routes to Islamabad despite an order by the Islamabad High Court to keep the city open.

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